Itchy Skin

Itchy Skin

itchy dog

One of the questions we are asked frequently from our clients is “why is my pet so itchy?”  This question is always a tough one to answer due to the amount of factors that can contribute to itchy skin. We go over the following factors to help them make an informed decision on how to handle their pet’s itching problem.  If these factors don’t help make a change to their pets’ itchiness, we recommend a vet visit.

First, we look for parasites.  Fleas, ticks, mites, worms, etc.  If we see any of these critters we will use our non-toxic, natural parasite killing shampoo.  We then recommend measures to the owner on how to remove the parasites from their home and other preventative ideas such as a topical flea/tick treatment, etc.

If parasites are not present, we look at the skin itself for bacteria and fungus invasion.  These will usually be in the form of hotspots, moistness and rashiness in folded areas such as the armpits, groin, and between the toes.  If we see signs of this, we will use our all natural medicated shampoo.  However, severe bacteria and fungus usually need to be treated with medication and a stronger shampoo that you can only get from your veterinarian.  If the skin is excessively inflamed or there are skin eruptions that are pussy or oozy, we will recommend immediate veterinarian treatment instead of grooming as these may be signs of an infection and can possibly be contagious.


If parasites or fungus are not present, our next step is a more in-depth look at where the pet is itching.  If the itching or chewing is around the joint, there is a possibility of conditions such as arthritis or injury.  This will require a visit to your vet.  If the itching is around the butt area, this might be a sign of the anal glands being full and in need of expressing.  If the itching is around the feet, around the face, or a general overall itching of the body, we will wash the areas with an all-natural, hypoallergenic shampoo to rid the skin of any built-up dirt and debris.  If this doesn’t help, then the possibility of an allergy may be present. This can be determined in a couple different ways. One is to visit your vet and ask for allergy testing.  This is usually done as a blood test.  You can also try OTC allergy kits that are available online or at premium pet stores.  One kit our clients have used and recommend is by Glacier Park.  All that’s required is saliva or hair that is sent off to their laboratory.  After a couple of weeks, the results are sent to you giving you a run-down of outdoor and food allergies.  Eliminating the allergen from the pet can be all that is needed to reduce or eliminate the itching in a pet.

scratching dog


Do you have any other ideas or treatments that have worked for your itchy pet?  Leave a comment below.  Or ask us any questions you may have! Or visit our website for information on our services.

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